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Ampicillin is the antibiotic with the wide active spectrum. It belongs to the group of the semisynthetic penicillin. In spite of the cheap ampicillin price it is active against the gram-positive microorganisms like staphylococcus (except for the stocks which produce the beta-lactamase), streptococcus and the aerobiotic nonspore-forming bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. Also ampicillin and generic ampicillin analogues are active against the gram-negative microorganisms like the aerobiotic coccus (Neiss gonorrhoeae and meningitids), aerobiotic organisms (Escherichia coii, salmonella, shigella, bordetella pertussis and others). As for the physical conditions, ampicillin is dissolved under the beta-lactamase’s action.

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If your doctor tells you to take suspension and pills of the ampicillin, you will need to remember that the digestive apparatus takes up about 60% of ampicillin. If you take ampicillin with the food, the quantity of the medicine is less than these 60%. When ampicillin gets to the organism, it becomes shared getting to the bronchus, frontal sinuses, the spit and the majority of the organism’s liquid mediums. Also ampicillin gets to the breast milk too. Moreover in 2 hours after taking there is the maximal magnification of the ampicillin in the blood. If you have quite normal health, these ampicillin’s indices take hold during 60 minutes approximately. In the blood about 20% of ampicillin makes cooperation with the blood’s proteins. Ampicillin lives our organism through the kidneys. But at the same time there is another interesting fact – the majority of the ampicillin’s cells (about 80%) are active even in the urina. All these facts give the assurance that it is the right decision to buy ampicillin for the medical treatment.

During the pregnancy ampicillin can be prescribes in case of the severe acute of the bronchitis and the pneumonia. Also it is possible to buy ampicillin online and use it for the medical treatment against the enteric fever (salmonella and summer cholera).

Endometritis is the one of the serious diseases which can have a very bad influence upon the fetation. Ampicillin is the effective medical treatment for the pregnant women against the endometritis. Moreover everybody can order ampicillin online.

So don’t worry if your doctor tells you to take ampicillin during the pregnancy. This effective medicine has already been used for a lot of years. It was tested a great number of times by different groups of patients. If you try to search for the information about ampicillin online, you will see that there are investigations of the ampicillin’s influence on the babies during the pregnancy. It is absolutely safe. But it doesn’t mean that you can use ampicillin without prescription. Particularly during the first three months of pregnancy it is important not to use anything without your doctor’s permission.