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Alcohol dependency is the rooted disease, which can damage the health and the whole society. The damaged people usually lose everything – their family, friends and job. They feel the indifference to their life and everything they are surrounded by. They are interested only in the answer to the question “Where is it possible to find some alcohol to drink?” Then they start feeling depression and different mental illnesses, which can provoke the suicidal ideations. It is impossible to manage the alcohol dependency alone, everyone who has problems needs the qualified help.

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One of the medicines which is taken for the medical treatment against the depressions is Citalopram. It is very good effective antidepressant, patients also can buy Citalopram online. It is possible to buy Citalopram in the pills only. Because of the possibility of the different types of the epiphenomenon it is not recommended to use Citalopram without prescription. It is needed to take this medicine once for a day independently of the meal. The starting dose for the depression medical treatment is 20 mg. Later it is possible to increase the dosage to achieve the therapeutic effect. The maximal dosage of cheap Citalopram is 60 mg for 24 hours. If the patient has problems with the panic disorders, its recommended dose is 10 mg for a day, after a little time this dosage is increased to 20 mg for a day, the maximal dosage is 60 mg for a day too.

The Citalopram overdose is characterized by the different symptoms: dizziness, convulsive attacks, high sweat production, drowse, sickness, amnesia and coma. If the organism has the overdose it will be necessary to do the gastric lavage, take the activated carbon. After this the patient needs the attentive medical screening.

In the Citalopram online manual there are the contra indications for the medical treatment. It can’t be used in case of the individual lack of tolerability to the medicine’s components, during the pregnancy and the lactation period. It is possible to order Citalopram online but it is necessary to take it carefully in case of the renal insufficiency and the hepatic failure, the convulsive attacks. Moreover it can be dangerous for the young and old ages. There are different side effects in the central nervous system (drowse, weakness, insomnia and the confused mental state), organs of digestion (dryness of the mouth, sickness, stomach ache, diarrhea). The different allergic reactions (skin rash, pruritus) can also appear.

Generic Citalopram has the good effect, its action develops and helps to get rid of the different mental disorders and the various types of depression.