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Fluconazole is produced to treat such kinds of diseases as fungous infections, infections of the vagina, throat, mouth, infections of gullet, lungs, blood, and other organs. You can also use Fluconazole for the cure of cerebral fever. It is also used for preventing ferment infections of patients who may be infected because of being cured with radiation therapy before. Fluconazole (or diflucan) is class of drugs named triazoles. It slows the fungi growth, which causes different infections.

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If you buy diflucan without prescription, you must know how to use it. It is a tablet or sometimes a suspension which is taken inside. It is usually prescribed to be taken one time a day, no matter if you had a meal or not. The doctor may prescribe you to take it for a couple of days, and may tell to take it for several weeks or even sometimes more. The duration of the patients’ treatment may vary judging from the condition of the patient and his reaction to the pills. Before you buy fluconazole without prescription, consult your doctor if you are allowed to take the pills. You are not allowed to take more or less of the medicine then the doctor prescribed. If the pharmacist told you to take double doses of it – follow the advice. If you are told to take suspense – shake it before taking.

After a couple of days after the beginning of taking the medicine you must feel better. Don’t stop to take it as soon as you felt well. It should be taken until the doctor says, because the illness may come back. But be careful, if you buy cheap Fluconazole no prescription and your symptoms got worse – you should call the emergence help as soon as possible.

Also warn your doctor if you have an allergy to this medicine if you are going to order diflucan on line. Also warn the doctor if you take some other pills, because diflucan may not be allowed to use with some of them. Or sometimes it is important for changing the dose of any pills. It’s important to make the tests during all the time of taking the medicine in order to watch the possible side effects. If you have cancer, AIDS, not normal levels of some elements in your blood (too low or too high) or some dangerous diseases – the doctor should know about it, if you are going to purchase diflucan on line. The medicine can be dangerous for pregnant woman, especially if they are the first three months. The pills are also forbidden for breast feeding mothers and woman, who plan to become pregnant. This pills may do a lot of bad to the infant.

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