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Perhaps it could be said that unexpected pregnancy is one of the problems women are afraid mast of all, especially at early age. Parents think their daughter is still an innocent child, while she’s having unprotected sex and has all the chances to become a young mother. Those young women who started their sexual life too early and often have unprotected sex, or in case of regular contraceptive failure, or those who by bad luck became a victim of assault, should know that there exists the medicine belonging to the group of contraceptives, that is used in females aged 17 and younger.

So, to prevent unexpected pregnancy , one should know where to buy Alesse or Plan B – the drug which could be the only rescue in some cases.

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Where to buy Plan B?

If you extremely need this emergency contraceptive, but want to keep it in secret, you should pick up a reliable place where to buy levonorgestrel. Buying the medicine in a drugstore in such a case wouldn’t be the best option, as there you can suddenly meet your parents, friends and other people who will be too curious about the medicine you you are going to purchase and what’s wrong with you. Moreover, the pharmacist will need a prescription that you can get only from your doctor. This means you have to go to your healthcare provider, spend a lot of time there getting confused while explaining your problem and, again, risking of being seen by a person you know.

That’s why it is better to buy Alesse online. There are a lot of advantages of online shopping. First of all, your orders and personal information are kept anonymous, you do not have to show a prescription to order the drug you need. Moreover, levonorgestrel price at online pharmacy could be much lower than in regular drugstore.

So now you how to buy Plan B and keep your secret. The drug you need is available at our drugstore as well, but before you make an order we strictly recommend you to get acquainted with the information we collected for you.

How to take Plan B?

Plan B is released in tablets that should be administrated orally in terms of a single course of treatment.

One should take the first tablet as soon as she can after the intercourse in case it was unprotected or the contraception was a failure. This tablet could help you to prevent unexpected pregnancy if taken not later than 72 hours after the intercourse. You are free to choose whether to take the med with food or after/before it.

After you take the 1st pill, count 12 hours and take the 2nd pill. In case of experiencing vomiting in 60 minutes after taking the med she should consult the doctor to find out whether one more dose is needed.


Before taking the pill you should ask your doctor if you can take levonorgestrel in case you know you have any allergies, especially to the active component of the drug called levonorgestrel or progestins such as norethindrone.

In case you have unexplained vaginal bleeding or you know you are pregnant yet, do not use the drug. Levonorgestrel won’t terminate the existing pregnancy.

You should know that this medication can make you dizzy. That’s why you should avoid using machinery, driving a car or do any other activities that require alertness.

Side effects

After you take Plan B, some side effects may take place. Get immediate medical attendance in case you experience signs of allergy, such as trouble breathing, hives, swelling of your tongue, throat or face.

Serious side effects include severe pain in the lower part of your stomach, or severe side pain. Call an ambulance immediately if you experience anything of the kind, as this might be a symptom of pregnancy that has developed in tubes. This condition is a medical emergency.

You can also experience less serious side effects that do not require appealing to medics. They include:

– dizziness,

-feeling very tired,


-mild stomach pain,

-breast pain,



-changes in one’s periods.

Drug interactions

The effectiveness of Plan B could be reduced by such drugs as:

– carbamazepine,

– anticonvulsants phenytoinand barbiturates,

– rifampin (used for the treating of tuberculosis )

It is considered that Plan be won’t interact with antibiotics.

Important information to know about Plan B

Keep in mind that this medicine won’t protect you from HIV/AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases, so you must have a reliable protection to use during the sexual intercourses.

If a nursing mother takes Plan B, a small amount of it could pass into the breast milk, still, it is not expected to cause any harm to the development / health of a nursing baby.

This drug should not be used regularly. Use Plan B only in the emergency cases. If taken on a regular base, the drug loses its efficiency and won’t protect you from getting pregnant.

Remember that the sooner you take the drug after the sex – the higher are the chances to avoid pregnancy.

You will know that the medicine has worked when you have your next periods on the day they should arrive or within a week after this day. In case the periods don’t come you could be pregnant.