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If the question “where can I order methotrexate?” made you visit our online pharmacy, then be sure that right here and right now you can order the drug you need. We are glad to announce that the cost of methotrexate here is much lower than at any regular drugstore, but the quality of medicaments we sell is just the same. So, buying drugs here is a good way to save money. But before you proceed to confirming your order let us inform you about some important features of the medicament you are going to purchase.

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What methotrexate is used for?

This drug is used for the treating of various conditions. Its ability to inhibit the growth of certain cells of our bodies made the medicine very effective in the treating of different kinds of cancer. One can buy methotrexate online to treat breast and lung cancer, as well as head, skin and neck cancer. The medication also helps to treat such conditions as psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis. Methotrexate might also be used in combination with other medicaments to get the better effect.

How to take methotrexate?

At our pharmacy you can get methotrexate with no prescription, still you have to ask your healthcare provider what is appropriate dose for your case. However, in case you have been using this medicine earlier, you may just look through the label that goes together with the drug to get the information about its usage.

Methotrexate is not for daily use. Usually it is taken 1-2 times a week. Be very attentive with dosage, as overdose or daily usage of this medication could lead to death. In case you suspect overdose get immediate medical attendance. In case you missed the dose, ask your healthcare provider for directions.

To be on the safe side do not neglect visiting your healthcare professional and do all the required tests regularly to make sure the drug doesn’t cause harm to you.


Methotrexate is prohibited to be used in those who have an allergy to it. In case you are going to get this medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis, appeal to your doctor first if:

  • you have any blood cell disorder, such as leukopenia or anemia;
  • you are suffering from liver cirrhosis or liver disease;
  • you have a bone marrow disorder;
  • you suffer from alcoholism.

Some conditions may require dosage adjustment. So you have to ask your doctor about the appropriate dose in case:

  • you have stomach ulcers;
  • you suffer from kidney disease;
  • you have an infection;
  • you are being treated with radiation;
  • you suffer from pneumonia or lung disease.

Methotrexate drug was given FDA pregnancy category X. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers must avoid using this med as it can cause birth defects or seriously harm the nursing baby by passing into the breast milk.

Side effects

Patients who are taking Methotrexate may experience severe side effects such as:

  • problems or changes in urinating,
  • dry cough,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • bloody stools or urine,
  • problems or changes in urinating,
  • shortness of breath,
  • chills,
  • flu symptoms,
  • body aches,
  • weakness,
  • loss of appetite,
  • easy bruising,
  • stomach pain,
  • jaundice.

Call an ambulance if you experience any of these side effects or feel very bad. You are allowed to continue taking the medication if less serious side effects develop in you. These side effects include:

  • upset stomach,
  • headache,
  • dizziness,
  • blurred vision,
  • tired feeling,
  • nausea,
  • bleeding of your gums.


Keep the medicine in dry place at room temperature away from moisture and heat.