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Neurontin is the effective anticonvulsant drug. Owing to the modern informational technologies, at the present time it is possible to order Neurontin online in one of the Internet chemist shops. Neurontin must be taken by mouth independently of the meal (before or after) or during the meal. If you buy Neurontin and start taking it, you will have to remember that if it is needed to decrease the dosage or even discontinue this medicine and replace it by analogic one or the generic Neurontin, it will be necessary to do this little by little, at least during one weak.

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It is not necessary to control the magnification of the gabapentin in the plasma. It is possible to take Neurontin without prescription combined with other anticonvulsant drugs. In this case it is not needed to note its magnification in plasma too; it also concerns other anticonvulsant drugs in the serosity.

There is not any data about the safety and the effectiveness for the medical treatment with this medicinal drug during the pregnancy, so it will be right to take Neurontin by the pregnant women only if the medical treatment’s benefit justifies this risk for the foetus. Gabapentin discharges with the breast milk. It is unknown how Neurontin can have the influence upon the baby, so it is not recommended to take this medicine during the lactation period, except for cases when the benefit for mother is more important than the risk for baby again.

As for the child and teen medical treatment, there is not any data about the effectiveness and the safety of the result.

As for the influence on the organism during the driving, it is not recommended to drive car or work with the driven mechanisms until the individual reaction to the cheap Neurontin becomes known. If to get more information about Neurontin online you will get to know that it is important to take this medicine carefully if you have the renal insufficiency. If you don’t have any problems which can provoke the bad influence of the medicine upon the organism, you can buy Neurontin online in one of the special pharmaceutical websites.

Although there is not any confirmation of the presence of the withdrawal state with the convulsing appearance, it is recommended not to cancel the medical treatment immediately. In the combined therapy with morphine, the patient can demand the increased concentration of gabapentin. In this case it is important to provide the attentive care for the patients, because they can get the narcotism. It is quite serious factor of the suppression of the central nervous system. So in this case it is necessary to reduce the dosage of Neurontin and morphine.