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Hair loss is an unpleasant consequence of testosterone being converted to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Propecia acts by preventing this conversion. An active substance – finasteride – interferes with this dangerous chemical process.

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Pattern neric Propecia will easily cope with this mannish problem. Generic finasteride has been widely used by thousands of men all over the world showing great hair restoration results.
Thin scalp hair is no longer a challenge for a man. The way-out is to buy Propecia at a reasonable finasteride price.
The usual dose is finasteride 5 mg which is quite enough for most men to get over hair loss.

How Much Is Propecia?

If you are interested to know, “How much does Propecia cost?, you can easily find the answer to the question on the Internet in quest of cheap Propecia. You can order cheapest Propecia at our online pharmacy that offers quite reasonable prices for everybody to afford. Now that you know where to buy Propecia, it is time to take action and buy Propecia online by filling out an order form.

Basic Instructions About Safety Of Propecia Use

Propecia is to be used by men only. It is inadmissible for women or children to take the medicine. Since the preparation may be absorbed in skin in case of direct contact, women and children should never handle the medicine. Of course, Propecia pills have coating, but it can be easily broken by an awkward gesture.
If a woman is pregnant, Propecia may cause birth defects to develop in a baby. If a woman (especially when she is pregnant) is directly exposed by the active substance, it is necessary to carefully wash the place of contact with warm water and a piece of soap.
Before buying Generic Propecia online you should find out if you have an allergy to finasteride. For this it is recommended that you visit your doctor. A medical specialist may also prescribe some tests for you to make sure that you don’t have any disorders included on the list of contraindications: liver conditions, a bladder muscle, problems urinating and prostate cancer. Those tests are also vitally important because they can unveil the cancer prostate risk. Propecia is reported to increase this risk.

How To Take Propecia?

Like any other medicine, Propecia is to be taken according to your doctor’s directions. Never adjust your dosage or schedule on your own. If you buy Propecia online without prescription, it is vitally important that you thoroughly read all the information on the label and consult a medical specialist if you have any questions.
Use your dose with plenty of water with/without food. It is advisable that you take Propecia at the same time every day during treatment. Regular use is of the greatest importance for male hair loss patients because treatment results will only be visible in a few months (typically 3 months). However, if your treatment has been lasting for a year and you can’t see any results, there is no point in further treatment.
Ceasing treatment is likely to lead to the loss of hair gained during treatment within a year of stopping to take the medicine. This question is to be closely discussed with a medical specialist.
You should see your doctor on a regular basis during treatment because it is necessary to check your blood and prostate cancer to avoid possible treatment consequences.
As soon as you buy finasteride, you should then provide proper storing conditions. Like any other preparation, Propecia is to be stored in a dark & dry place, away from kids and pets.

What Are Propecia Side Effects?

Before you order Propecia, another important thing you should take into consideration is the risk of side effects.
Some of them are the manifestation of an allergic reaction to finasteride or other medicine ingredients. The symptoms are as follows: swelling of face and other parts of the body, hives, trouble breathing.
These signs may indicate male breast cancer: nipple discharge, breast lumps, pain and changes in breast size. Call your doctor at once when you notice the first signs.
The above mentioned symptoms belong to the category of severe side effects. Some patients can experience mild side effects. For example, regular use of Propecia may negatively affect a patient’s sexual sphere: a man can experience lack of sexual interest, erectile dysfunction, abnormal ejaculation and difficulty achieving an orgasm.
Other mild side effects include dizziness, weakness, swelling of different parts of the body (typically hands), headache, skin rash, runny nose and so on. Consult your doctor anyway. A way out may be to find a Propecia alternative. But it can cost you more compared to the finasteride price.
Multiple scientific studies have confirmed high effectiveness of Propecia in treating male hair loss that has become a real scourge for thousands of men worldwide.