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Neuromuscular relaxants are the medicines which are intended for relaxation of muscles. Their important feature is the ability to completely prevent the whole reflex activity of the muscles. Until the present time the neuromuscular relaxants were used in anesthesiology only, because they promoted the removal of the muscular tone during the surgeries.

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Because of the progressive development of anesthesia service, all the demands to the neuromuscular relaxants become more and more rigid. Today the perfect neuromuscular relaxant has to provide the expressed action which consists of the fast effect of the neuromuscular transmission blockade, also it has to have the short acting duration (the controllability), it doesn’t’ cumulate in the of the patient’s organism and it doesn’t have any negative influence upon the cardiovascular system, and in the end it shouldn’t stimulate the histamine emission during the injection.

The neuromuscular relaxants are often used in the medical practice, but now the specialists have already begun to doubt in the necessity of their using. It is reflected in the report of the federal group of experts which are specialized in the backaches. A lot of these specialists consider that all the spasms can pass anyway, and the one the doctors need is to kill the pain and the inflammation. Especially all the neuromuscular relaxants have the side effects: a lot of them become the cause of drowsiness. However, if spasms don’t pass, the doctor can tell you to take the neuromuscular relaxant, there is a great number of them at the present time.

The most widespread neuromuscular relaxant is cheap Robaxin (methocarbamol). It is very effective neuromuscular relaxant which can also help for the medical treatment against the radicular pain and the intermittent cramp. It is not possible to buy Robaxin without prescription. It concerns to other neuromuscular relaxants and generic Robaxin medicines.

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