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Here you can find the information about silagra online. How does this medicine work? It has something in common with Viagra, but silagra is the Viagra of the new generation. It has the same active component in the composition, but the proportion is another. The main active component is sildenafil. In silagra its concentration is 100 mg. It is necessary to say that it is maximal dosage which is available for man at a time. Also it is maximal daily dose. If a man wants to feel euphoria he can take one pill, but if it is enough for him to feel the bright emotions of sex he can take a half of the dosage. If he doesn’t want to pull down the pill, he can buy silagra in the small dosage of 50 mg.

As we wrote, Viagra is the generic silagra, so it provides the same effect. In the other words this medicine was created to help men to get rid of the erectile dysfunction independently of its time duration and make men’s sexual life better.

It is already possible to buy silagra online or order silagra online in the Internet shops. It is important to note that this medicine’s effect depends on the men’s feelings. So it is another difference, silagra doesn’t provoke erection without “emotional feeding”. Moreover owing to cheap silagra price, it is not so difficult to afford this medicine. Silagra passed different tests and during them it showed the excellent results. Owing to the unique effect men who don’t have serious problems with erection can use it just to feel more confident.

Viagra has a lot of different counter indications like kidneys disease, cardiovascular diseases and so on. Also there is the possibility of the side effects – after sex men have erection anyway. When scientists were working with silagra they took into account all the disadvantages of Viagra and tried to get rid of them. So they created the medicine with the presence of Viagra’s advantages and the absence of Viagra’s disadvantages. All these good effects of this medicine give the opportunity to buy silagra without prescription.

Except for the single application of this medicine, men can use it for the permanent medical treatment. Silagra can help to decrease the erectile dysfunction.