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Tadalafil is the same as Cialis because it is an active component of this medicine. It ranks high among the group of similar drugs that includes, for example, such a giant as Viagra. Moreover, Generic Tadalafil provides longer effect that may last up to 40 hours compared to Viagra’s 4 hours.

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As for the rest, Tadalafil is administered almost the same way. When you intend to purchase Tadalafil you should know that the medicine comes in pills contained in different types of packaging (weight and a number of pills). The recommended dose you should start with is 5 mg. If there are no side effects connected with the medicine, you can increase the dosage. However, it is strongly recommended that you ask medical specialist for advice on your appropriate dosage, especially if you buy Tadalafil without prescription. In addition to that, you should tell a medical specialist what illnesses and conditions you have or had. Such conditions as liver or kidney problems, heart issues, deformed penis, eye illnesses and bleeding disorder may be a contraindication. You doctor should also be aware of the list of medicines you are taking at the moment. Concurrent use of Tadalafil and nitrate/nitrite drugs may present great danger to your health. That is why you shouldn’t take these medicines together with Cialis:

  • nitroglycerin;
  • isosorbide mononitrate;
  • isosorbide dinitrate;
  • recreational drugs (‘poppers’).

Otherwise, you may experience sharp and even life-threatening decrease in your arterial pressure.

It’s important to take the medicine once per day, not oftener. Many men buy Tadalafil online to provide a full-fledged sexual life on a regular basis. Tadalafil treatment doesn’t involve any schedule. Use a pill 30 minutes before sexual intercourse but make sure that at least 24 hours have passed between the latest and current doses. You may expect average 36-hour effect. But your erection won’t occur spontaneously. Additional sexual stimulation may be required for providing a stable erection. You may be able to achieve a perfect erection after sexual intercourse many times within 36-40 hours.

Before you order Tadalafil online look into the list of possible side effects. They can be characterized as mild and severe. Mild adverse effects are common and don’t present any serious danger to your health. For example, you may feel mild headache, have temporary diarrhea or upset stomach. However, stop taking Cialis for a while and ask your doctor for advice.

Severe side effects occur rarely but they are very dangerous. There have been reported cases when people lost vision or hearing. However, it is an extremely rare side effect. Other serious side effects may include convulsions, irregular heartbeat, swelling, short breathing and some others. All of them require emergency medical assistance.

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