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Diabetes is a common short name of a term “diabetes mellitus”. This word embraces a group of metabolism affecting conditions generally characterized by permanent high levels of blood sugar. Excessive sugar in blood leads to developing such symptoms as increased hunger and thirst as well as frequent urination. Sometimes people live without knowing that they have had diabetes for the entire life. In such a case, the illness is fraught with serious complications, either acute (nonketotic hypersmolar coma) or long-term (kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, foot ulcers, or an eye condition).
There may be two causes of diabetes. The first one consists in an improperly functioning pancreas that is not capable of producing enough insulin (type 1 diabetes mellitus). The other cause is that body cells are unable to respond to the insulin naturally produced (type 2 diabetes mellitus) in a proper manner, which leads to the lack of insulin over time. The latter form of diabetes is much more common, which is confirmed by the below-mentioned numbers. By 2014 about 400 million people had developed diabetes, predominantly type 2 (about 90%).
It is especially important to prevent the condition since there is still no cure for it. Prevention and diabetes treatment involves leading an active way of live, e.g. physical activity and exercise, healthy nutrition, and abstaining from smoking and drinking alcohol. In other words, if you lead a healthy way of life, you shouldn’t fear diabetes. Diabetes implies special foot care and blood pressure control.
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