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Muscle Relaxant

A muscle relaxant, just as it stems from the name itself, relax muscles by affecting skeleton muscle function and decreasing the muscle tone, which may be helpful in a number of conditions. In case you experience such symptoms as aches, pain, muscle spasms, and hyperreflexia, taking a muscle relaxant may be an appropriate treatment option.
Speaking of muscle relaxants, there are two main therapeutic groups of the medicine:

  • spasmolytics;
  • neuromuscular blockers.

Neuromuscular blockers cause temporary paralysis, which allows using these substances in surgical procedures as well as in emergency medicine.
Spasmolytics that are sometimes called “centrally acting” relaxants are intended for relieving (alleviating) spasms and are therefore used in treating a number of neurological conditions.
Regardless of the fact that both blockers and spasmolytics belong to the group of muscle relaxants, people often refer to the latter name when speaking of muscular relaxants. Such a mistake is quite common.
Let’s go into details and see what spasmolytics are. This class of muscle relaxants includes the following substances:

  • metaxalone;
  • carisoprodol;
  • methocarbomol;
  • cyclobenzaprine.
  • All of them are efficient in:
  • relieving pains in low back or neck;
  • tension headaches;
  • fibromyalgia;
  • myofascial pain syndrome.

Nevertheless, doctor’s advice may be required since in some cases such drugs may not show greater efficiency in relieving acute low back pain than traditional paracetamol or NSAIDs. You should discuss this treatment option with a medical specialist since muscle relaxants may have side effects such as feeling dizzy or drowsy.
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