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Pain Relief

Pain, apart from injury or trauma, is a typical symptom of some disorder developing in the body. The more serious the case, the more severe the pain may be. Painful feelings are always signals that something is wrong with your health. So you need to address the problem immediately if when getting up one morning you suddenly feel pain.
There are two types of pain: chronic and acute. Chronic constant pain may be, for instance, a symptom of inoperable last stage cancer when all that can be done about the situation is alleviating patient’s sufferings using strong drugs. Acute pain may be caused by a trauma or injury as well as by surgical intervention.


Acute and chronic pain may require different treatment approaches. One of the most common of them is drug treatment. Chronic pain treatment involves the use of such medicines as tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and analgesics.
Severe pain can be managed by morphine though fentanyl causes much fewer adverse effects. Moderate pain is successfully alleviated by a combination of paracetamol (active substance – acetaminophen) or a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) with such a weak opioid as tramadol. Mild pain is well treated with just paracetamol or a NSAID.
If a patient is intolerable to common pain medications or for other health reasons, such medicines as dextromoramide, pentazocine, or dipipanone are prescribed though they are not recommended in any other cases. In any case, you should ask your doctor for professional advice in order to opt for an appropriate pain reliever.

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