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Atarax is the medicine which is used for the medical treatment of the nervous violations, also it has antiemetic effect. It is used for decreasing of the allergic symptoms. Also people usually buy Atarax online to help the brain work, and improve the memory. Patients who complain of the hypermotivity, the appearance of the sense of alarm use Atarax without prescription. Besides, Atarax should be used in case of appearance of various psychoneurotic states, including the abstinent alcoholic syndrome.

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Atarax’ main active component provides the moderate anxiolytic, antiemetic, sedative, analgesic, antihistaminic and anticholinergic activity. If to use generic Atarax medicines the skeletal and unstriated muscles will relax. The effect starts in 20-30 minutes after the medicine taking. It is noted as decrease of the itch in case of the allergic skin diseases, and also as decrease of alarm and the muscular tension. If to believe the patients who often buy Atarax, it doesn’t provoke addiction and the mental dependence.

Getting into a brain Atarax blocks the histamine receptors’ activity, but at the same time it provokes the strong drowsiness. Owing to this effect it is usually recommended for patients who have the allergic itch at night to take this medicine before going to sleep. It often happens with children – they usually are bound up in something in the morning and afternoon, so they don’t notice any itch at all, but this unpleasant symptom becomes evident at night.

Sometimes cheap Atarax is used for the short-term medical treatment of the high alarm. It suppresses the activity of the certain areas of the central nervous system, so the patient becomes calmer.

Because of Atarax’ sedative action it is better to refuse driving the car and any activity which is related to the high risk for the patient and other people during a course of the medical treatment. If the patient’s job is related to driving, Atarax is not good medicine for him. As you can get to know about Atarax online, during the therapy with this medicine it is necessary to abstain from the alcohol.

It will be allowed to order Atarax online and use it by children and elderly people, only if it really necessary. It concerns the patients with the problems of the reduced liver and kidneys functions, the patients who pass (or who have already passed) the kidneys dialysis, the patients who suffer by the obstruction or the reduced of the intestines activity and people with epilepsy, dementia, glaucoma and arrhythmia.

Atarax can’t be used by children with the age under six months, people with porphyria, women during the pregnancy or the lactation period.

Atarax can provoke the side effects: drowsiness, dryness in a mouth, dizziness, muscular weakness, headache, complicated urination, constipation, diplopia, sickness, insomnia, tachycardia, spasms convulsions and others.